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Apply for 4 weeks of free Software Development for your Charity.

Welcome to Trifort Solutions Charitable Initiative!

At Trifort Solutions, we believe in the power of technology to make a positive impact on the world and we’d like to do our bit.

We are excited to announce our special offer exclusively for UK-based charities. We are offering 4 weeks of free software development effort to create bespoke software that could help your charity streamline and enhance its activities.

For further details on this initiative, please check here.

Ready to make a positive impact with technology? Fill out the form below, and let's get started on your charity's bespoke IT system!

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Questions and Answers

1. Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is exclusively available to registered charities in the United Kingdom.

2. What types of software can you create?

We specialise in creating bespoke back-office systems.

This could include websites, CRM systems, volunteer management tools, donation tracking platforms, and more. Our systems routinely include reporting dashboards, user logins for your staff or clients and can automatically generate digital ‘paperwork’ such as PDFs and Excel files.

If you are chosen to have your system developed, we'll work closely with you to understand your charity's unique needs and objectives.

3. If we apply, are we guaranteed to have a system developed?

Unfortunately, the amount of resource we can offer for free is limited, so we cannot guarantee to approve every application.

Once we receive your application, we will be in touch to let you know whether you’ve been accepted, or if not we’ll explain why.

4. How can my charity apply for this initiative?

To apply, please fill out the form with some basic information about your charity and the project idea you have in mind. We'll review your submission and get in touch with you for further discussions.

5. What can we expect during the 4-week development period?

During the 4-week period, our team of experienced developers and IT consultants will collaborate with your charity to design and develop your system. We'll provide guidance, expertise, and technical resources to bring your project to life.

6. What happens after the 4 weeks of free development?

Once the 4-week development period concludes, we'll discuss the next steps with your charity.

As a minimum, we will provide the source for the software we’ve created, which you are free to take, use and modify without restriction.

If we are unable to complete your full desired feature set during the 4-week period, we will provide a quote for the additional work, which you are under no obligation to accept.

7. How do we know if our project idea is suitable for this initiative?

We welcome all ideas from charities. Our team will assess each project idea based on its feasibility and alignment with our capabilities. We'll work with you to refine and adapt your concept if needed.

8. Is there any obligation or cost after the 4-week development period?

There is no obligation or cost associated with this offer during the 4-week development period.

9. Is the software provided with any warranty to fix any bugs or issues?

Unfortunately, as this is a free offer, we cannot supply a warranty on the software delivered as part of this 4-week initiative. However, we can provide a support package, if required. Just tell us what you need and we’d be delighted to help.

10. How long will this initiative be available?

Our Charitable Initiative is an ongoing program, and we are committed to supporting charities in the UK. There is no set end date, so charities can apply at their convenience.

11. Are there any ongoing costs involved to use the software you create?

We make use of free and opensource software libraries wherever possible so there should not be any on-going costs with regard to the software we provide. We don’t create lo-code solutions which often have complex hosting requirements and high running costs.

However, if your solution incorporates a website which needs to be hosted, or uses a database, then there may be ongoing costs involved with these, but these costs can often be just a few hundred pounds per year for small systems that do not have a heavy load, depending on your choice of hosting provider.

Once we have discussed your requirements with you, we will try to provide indicative costs of how much your system might cost to run.